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Independent Study: Health Diagnostic Laboratory, Inc. Services Lead to Cost Savings of 23% and Significantly Improved Health Outcomes After Two Years

Advanced cardiometabolic testing paired with follow-up health management from Health Diagnostic Laboratory, Inc. has resulted in a 23 percent decrease in a patient’s overall healthcare costs and an improved lipid profile in just two years, according to a new independent study published recently in Population Health Management.

Triglyceride Levels Predict Stroke Risk in Postmenopausal Women

A new study by researchers at NYU Langone Medical Center and colleagues found that traditional risk factors for stroke – such as high cholesterol – are not as accurate at predicting risk in postmenopausal women as previously thought. Instead, researchers say doctors should refocus their attention on triglyceride levels to determine which women are at highest risk of suffering a devastating and potentially fatal cardiovascular event. The study appears online today in the journal Stroke.

Sedentary Time Negatively Associated with Cardio-metabolic and Inflammatory Biomarkers.

Taking many breaks from muscular inactivity, even just 1-minute breaks, appears to lower levels of C-reactive protein (CRP) and may result in a smaller waist circumferences. That’s the result of a recent study in the European Heart Journal (study link below), which evaluated sedentary time and breaks in sedentary time with continuous cardio-metabolic and inflammatory risk biomarkers.