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Instant Diagnoses via Lab-on-a-chip

Today, a blood sample whose protein content, genes and so on are to be read needs to be submitted to a series of complex processes, such as centrifugation, heat treatment, mixing with enzymes and concentration of disease markers. This means that samples are sent to central laboratories for analysis, and weeks may pass before the results are returned.

Breakthrough Technology Offers Quicker, Cheaper Cancer Screening

Time consuming and expensive cervical cancer screening will become a thing of the past thanks to breakthrough technology developed by EU-funded researchers. Their discovery will allow large-range screening by non-medical personnel with almost immediate results and at a much lower cost than is possible with existing technology. The work is part of the MICROACTIVE (‘Automatic detection of disease related molecular cell activity’) project, which was funded under the ‘Information society technologies’ Thematic area of the EU’s Sixth Framework Programme to the tune of EUR 1.6 million.