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Great Point Partners Announces Sale of Caprion Proteomics

Great Point Partners, LLC recently announced the sale of Caprion Proteomics, Inc., a Great Point Partners I portfolio company. Caprion is a leading provider of proteomic services to the pharmaceutical industry that include: (i) biomarker discovery, (ii) biomarker validation, (iii) drug target discovery, (iv) advanced immune monitoring services, and (v) in-vitro diagnostics development. Under Great Point’s investment, Caprion grew EBITDA by over 300x. The growth was primarily driven through strong organic growth, industry leadership and accretive tuck-in acquisitions.

BioFocus Expands Drug Discovery Offering with Proteomics Technology from Activiomics

BioFocus and Activiomics recently announced a strategic alliance which will allow BioFocus to offer its customers Activiomics’ proteomics services to improve identification of novel targets for drug discovery and biomarkers for diagnostics.

BGI Expanding Proteomics Services to Include Mass Spectrometry

Earlier this month, Adam Bonislawski at GenomeWeb’s Proteomonitor reported that China-based BGI intends to expand its proteomics offerings and buy ~50 new mass spectrometers over the next two years. This diversification into clinical and drug-development services is a forward-thinking move for the genomics/bioinformatics giant and one that should be taken seriously by current proteomics service providers.

Icon Expands Biomarker Services through Deal with Proteome Sciences

Icon, a supplier of outsourced development services, inked a deal with Proteome Sciences, a provider of protein biomarker R&D, to bolster the biomarker solutions it can provide to clients. Through Proteome’s PS Biomarker Services™, Icon will gain a suite of labeling, separation, and mass spectrometry technologies for protein and peptide profiling in complex biological materials.