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Children’s Cancer Institute Selects Labmatrix to Enhance their Research into Curing Childhood Cancers

BioFortis today announced that Children’s Cancer Institute has licensed Labmatrix®, the award-winning precision medicine and biobanking software platform, to support their “Zero Childhood Cancer” program. Labmatrix connects data collected in clinical studies to data discovered in research laboratories, creating a richly-annotated research platform including a full-featured biobanking capability. The connections between patient treatment, diagnostic testing results and drug development are vital for precision medicine. Labmatrix software includes its integrated query tool, Qiagram®, which allows researchers to analyze and refine their data, helping Children’s Cancer Institute to transform their discoveries into new treatments quickly and efficiently.

SCIEX Partners with University of Manchester to Develop Biomarker Discovery Centre and Multi-Omics Centre for Precision Medicine

SCIEX, a global leader in life science analytical technologies, has today announced that The University of Manchester, UK, has invested in a large suite of high-end SCIEX mass spectrometers for targeted and next-generation proteomics for its new Stoller Biomarker Discovery Centre. With SCIEX’s SWATH® Acquisition technologies, the Centre will be one of the biggest clinical proteomics facilities in the world. It will focus on industrializing proteomics research, and spearhead a series of biomarker development projects and international collaborations.

Science Academies Highlight Importance of Precision Medicine at EU Parliament

For the first time policy makers, patients, industry representatives and the scientific allergy and asthma community came together at the European Parliament to discuss the need for Precision Medicine. A recent symposium on the “European need for precision medicine in allergy and airways diseases” laid the foundation to define an action plan on how to deliver the cost-effective precision medicine to the allergic patient.

Genospace Partner Sequence Bio Announces Initiative with Government of Newfoundland and Labrador on Large-Scale Precision Medicine Initiative

Genospace, a precision medicine software company that has developed a comprehensive suite of tools enabling the broad use of genomic and other biomedical data in research and clinical care, today announced that Sequence Bioinformatics, Inc. and the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador have selected Genospace Population Analytics™ to support a groundbreaking precision medicine initiative.

New Precision Medicine Approach To Cancer Treatment Offers Promise In Eliminating Cancer Disparities Gap

Someone who is diagnosed with cancer today would typically receive treatment for their disease based on the type of cancer they have. For example, there are specific, standard treatments for patients with breast cancer or colorectal cancer or prostate cancer.

That strategy is now evolving, thanks to a new approach to medicine that is focused not on where in the body the cancer is located but on what is inside the tumor itself. And in January 2015, President Obama took up the mantle of this new approach to patient care, known as precision medicine, announcing a $215 million initiative aimed at speeding progress in this area of research.