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Precision Therapeutics Announces New Tumor Profiling Product BioSpeciFx

Precision Therapeutics, Inc. announced that the launch of a new product line, BioSpeciFx®, will help further the personalization of cancer treatments. BioSpeciFx® is composed of carefully selected sets of well validated and clinically useful biomarker tests that identify critical molecular targets within a patient’s cell. By using the information generated by BioSpeciFx® in combination with Precision’s sophisticated drug response marker ChemoFx®, physicians may gain a more complete understanding of a patient’s tumor.

Veridex to Develop Next-Generation Circulating Tumor Cell Technology with MGH

Earlier this month, Veridex announced a collaboration with Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) to develop and commercialize a next-generation circulating tumor cell (CTC) technology for capturing, counting and characterizing tumor cells found in patients’ blood. The platform to be developed will be a bench-top system to specifically isolate and explore the biology of rare cells at the protein, RNA and DNA levels.

Philips and Definiens to Jointly Develop Digital Pathology System

Royal Philips Electronics and Definiens have signed an agreement to jointly develop a digital pathology system. The system will support the clinical diagnosis of several types of cancer, starting with breast cancer.

HistoRX Announces First Clinical Diagnostic Use of AQUA Technology

HistoRx, Inc. (privately held), a diagnostics company, announced the launch and first commercial sale this week of clinical diagnostic assays based on AQUA technology. Genoptix, Inc., a specialized laboratory service provider, is launching NexCourse BCa by AQUA technology, a suite of breast cancer assays based on quantitative immunohistochemistry.

Rules-Based Medicine Announces Commercial Release of VeriPsych, Diagnostic Aid for Recent Onset Schizophrenia

Rules-Based Medicine, Inc. (RBM), today announced the widespread commercial availability of VeriPsych, the first and only blood-based diagnostic test to aid in confirming the diagnosis of recent onset schizophrenia, a potentially devastating and costly mental illness that affects about 24 million people worldwide. VeriPsych is an innovative molecular diagnostic tool designed to complement the healthcare provider’s clinical impression.