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Nuclea Bio Acquires Oncogene Science, Extends Deal with Wilex

Just a few months after announcing several new partnerships and landing venture capital dollars, Nuclea Biotechnologies Inc. has snapped up Oncogene Science, an Cambridge, Mass.-based subsidiary of Wilex AG in Germany.

Nuclea Biotechnologies, Inc. and Wilex Inc. Announce Partnership

Biomarker pioneer Nuclea Biotechnologies, Inc. recently announced a new long-term partnership with Wilex Inc. (ISIN DE0006614720/ WL6 / FSE) which could lead to more effective treatment management for women with metastatic breast cancer. The pairing of the Pittsfield and Worcesterbased biotech firm with one of Cambridge’s leading oncological biotech firms will greatly advance research and development of biomarkers, a vital component in the growing field of personalized medicine.

Nuclea discovers and develops biomarkers (genes and proteins) and diagnostic assays that can help predict which courses of treatments will be effective for certain patients, depending on their genetic makeup. Nuclea has the capability and expertise to perform in vitro diagnostic (IVD) assays in the area of oncology in a certified laboratory (CLIA) and also has access through its business relationships with hospitals and research institutions to patients in need of such tests.

In April, the clinical testing will begin in Nuclea’s newly designed, state of the art laboratory in Pittsfield, and will result in the addition of three new employees. The partnership between Nuclea and Wilex will allow oncologists greater access, through Nuclea’s laboratory, to the ELISA test to measure the HER-2/neu level in the serum portion of blood. HER-2, Human Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor 2, is a gene in the body that produces proteins which assist in the growth of cells. The serum HER-2/neu level is valuable to doctors for monitoring response to therapy and progression of disease.

“Nuclea is excited about the new partnership,” said Patrick J. Muraca, President & CEO of Nuclea. “Both companies seek to develop new biomarkers with the goal of making 21st century cancer treatments more personal and effective. With our combined experience in the production and commercialization of biomarkers, it seemed very natural for us to work together as pioneers in the field of breast cancer.”

Professor Olaf G. Wilhelm, CEO of Wilex Inc. and Wilex AG, commented: “Since Nuclea understands and focuses on gene and protein expression profiles in tumors, the serum HER-2 test is an important addition to their profiling efforts. Besides using our HER-2 ELISA in its CLIA lab Nuclea will also start R&D and validation of this test in early breast cancer and possibly other indications.”

Source: Nuclea Biotechnologies

Nuclea Biotechnologies and Clark University Team Up On Establishing Proteomic and Metabolomic Center

Nuclea Biotechnologies Inc. and Clark University recently announced an expansion of their research partnership and the establishment of a new Proteomic and Metabolomic Center on the Clark University Campus. The center will offer high performance bioinformatics cluster resources that will allow Nuclea and Clark to analyze, identify, and quantify targets at the molecular level — a critical component to modern biomedical research, clinical diagnostic discovery, and drug development efforts.

Nuclea Biotechnologies and Boston Medical Center Announce Unique Partnership

Biomarker pioneer Nuclea Biotechnologies, Inc. today announced a new partnership with Boston Medical Center (BMC) that could lead to more effective treatments for people with breast and prostate cancers. The pairing of the Pittsfield and Worcester-based biotech firm and one of Boston’s leading teaching hospitals will significantly advance research and development of biomarkers, a key component in the growing field of personalized medicine.