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BIDMC Researchers Identify Possible Biomarker for Parkinson’s Disease

Although Parkinson’s disease is the second most prevalent neurodegenerative disorder in the U.S., there are no standard clinical tests available to identify this widespread condition. As a result, Parkinson’s disease often goes unrecognized until late in its progression, when the brain’s affected neurons have already been destroyed and telltale motor symptoms such as tremor and rigidity have already appeared.

GNS Healthcare and CHDI Foundation Collaborate to Build Computer Model of Huntington’s Disease

GNS Healthcare, Inc. (GNS), the leading healthcare data analytics company focused on enabling personalized medicine to improve human health, today announced that it has entered into a collaboration with CHDI Foundation, Inc. (CHDI) to create a data-driven computer model of Huntington’s disease (HD), a debilitating neurodegenerative disorder for which there are currently no effective therapies. Created using GNS’s supercomputer-driven REFS™ (Reverse Engineering and Forward Simulation) platform, the aim is to help researchers discover novel therapies for the disease.

Study Identifies Potential Huntington’s Disease Biomarkers

In patients with Huntington’s disease (HD), a 12-month follow-up study suggests early biomarkers may be able to detect disease changes over time, long before symptoms appear.

Sarah Tabrizi, MD, with the University College London’s Institute of Neurology, in the United Kingdom, and colleagues reported their findings in the December 2 issue of Lancet Neurology.