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Myriad RBM Test Helping to Mine Secrets of Normal Immune System

Scientists have long known that an abnormal immune system can help cause diseases such as asthma and Type 1 diabetes. But to understand what makes an immune system abnormal, it’s important to know exactly what a normal immune system looks like. Oddly enough, few large-scale studies have been done to explore the immune systems of healthy people to see how much they can differ from each other and still be considered in the normal range.

Rules-Based Medicine Partners with Institut Pasteur to Boost Innovation in Translational Research

Rules-Based Medicine (RBM) will be a collaborator on the Institut Pasteur research project Milieu Interieur (the environment within), funded through a LabEx grant from the French government. The project will rely on RBM’s TruCulture R an innovative in vitro model that preserves physiological cellular interactions, to more accurately describe the complexities of the human immune system.