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Ovid Therapeutics and NeuroPointDX Announce Collaboration to Identify Biomarkers for Angelman Syndrome

Ovid Therapeutics, a privately held biopharmaceutical company committed to developing medicines that transform the lives of people with rare neurological disorders, and NeuroPointDX, a privately held biotech company based in Madison, Wisconsin and Cambridge, Massachusetts, recently announced that they have entered into a collaboration to identify novel biomarkers of Angelman syndrome by analyzing metabolomic profile data as part of Ovid’s ongoing randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled Phase 2 clinical trial (STARS).

New Study in Nature Genetics Reveals Interplay between Genetics and Metabolism in Complex Disease

Metabolon, Inc., a leader in metabolomics, recently announced the publication of a paper entitled “An Atlas of Genetic Influences on Human Blood Metabolites” in Nature Genetics. Co-authored by Metabolon scientists, this paper is the result of a third genome-wide association study (GWAS) that combines genomic data and metabolic profiling to gain comprehensive understanding of the human biological system and presents the most comprehensive metabolomics survey of human metabolism conducted to date.

Metabolon Launches Fourth Generation DiscoveryHD4 Metabolomics Platform

Metabolon, Inc., a leader in metabolomics-driven biomarker discovery, recently announced the launch of DiscoveryHD4™, the company’s fourth-generation metabolomics platform. This new technology platform will empower the company’s metabolomics TrueVision™, mVision™ and mView™ research and biomarker discovery offerings, as well as its diagnostic product development pipeline. Further extending Metabolon’s leadership position in metabolomics research and diagnostics, this platform enables a more expansive and precise global biochemical coverage of metabolite markers across the entire metabolome, thus increasing the ability to discover novel biomarkers and research questions.

AbsoluteIDQ p180 by Biocrates Life Sciences AG: Cutting-edge Test kit Made in Austria Helps Develop the World’s First Metabolomics-based Blood Test to Predict Alzheimer’s Disease

A US research team has developed the world’s first blood test capable of predicting, with 90% accuracy, the risk of Alzheimer’s disease 2-3 years in advance. The findings, published in Nature Medicine, were generated using the AbsoluteIDQ p180 test kit by Austrian Biocrates Life Sciences AG.

DHMRI and Metabolon Announce Strategic Partnership to Provide Expanded Metabolomics Capabilities

The David H. Murdock Research Institute (DHMRI) at the North Carolina Research Campus and Metabolon, Inc., recently announced that they have entered into a strategic agreement to align metabolomics research services. Metabolon is a pioneering leader in discovery metabolomics and specializes in rapidly assessing metabolism in biological samples to quickly identify prospective biomarkers and to understand metabolic effects of treatments, interventions, nutritionals, etc. The agreement complements DHMRI’s mass spectrometry and NMR‐based metabolomics services through access to Metabolon’s industry‐leading high‐throughput biomarker discovery and profiling platform which provides an extensive, untargeted, broad metabolite survey of more than 4000 biochemicals.

“This agreement leverages the strengths of our organizations to best serve DHMRI collaborators to understand metabolism and ultimately answer key research questions and deliver healthy food products for consumers. We have worked extensively in food science and nutrition and recognize that our combined resources are indeed complementary. DHMRI is a center of excellence in nutrition research and we are delighted to do our part to meet their growing needs,” says Chris Bernard, senior Vice President of Sales & Marketing for Metabolon.

DHMRI is an established not‐for‐profit research institute that provides flexible, client‐focused research services to academia, government and industry collaborators. This agreement,
consistent with the DHMRI’s collaborative approach to scientific inquiry, provides partners with additional resources for metabolomics. Metabolon’s global metabolomic approach can
pinpoint active pathways which can be further interrogated by targeted and or customized approaches offered by the DHMRI Metabolomics team.

“We are excited to broaden the breadth of services offered by the DHMRI to our collaborators. The benefits stemming from the collective knowledge of our organizations will be readily
realized by researchers, companies and consumers,” said Steve Lommel Ph.D., Interim President, David H. Murdock Research Institute.

Source: David H. Murdock Research Institute