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Saladax Biomedical, Inc. Expands Distribution of MyCare™ Products in Israel

Saladax Biomedical, Inc., a privately held company developing and commercializing novel diagnostic assays to achieve the promise of personalized medicine for new and existing therapeutics, announced yesterday that Ilex Medical Ltd. will serve as exclusive distributor of Saladax’s My5-FU™, MyPaclitaxel™ and MyDocetaxel™ diagnostic reagent kits throughout the Israeli market. The MyCare™ tests are designed to measure levels of these common chemotherapy drugs in the blood of cancer patients to overcome the limitations associated with dosing based on body surface area (BSA).

Investigational Urine Test Can Predict High-risk Prostate Cancer in Men Who Choose Watchful Waiting

Initial results of a multicenter study coordinated by researchers at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center indicates that two investigational urine-based biomarkers are associated with prostate cancers that are likely to be aggressive and potentially life-threatening among men who take a “watchful waiting,” or active-surveillance approach to manage their disease. Ultimately, these markers may lead to the development of a urine test that could complement prostate biopsy for predicting disease aggressiveness and progression.

Biomarker Commons Named Personalized Medicine World Conference (PMWC) Media Partner

The 4th Personalized Medicine World Conference (PMWC) 2012 will be held in Mountain View, California from January 23rd-24th at Silicon Valley’s Computer History Museum. PMWC brings together the thought-leaders in business, government, healthcare-delivery, research and technology for one information-rich, two-day conference.

Health Discovery Corporation Announces Issuance of First Patent Covering Prostate Cancer Biomarkers

Health Discovery Corporation is pleased to announce that the United States Patent and Trademark Office has issued the first of what the Company expects to be several patents covering methods to screen for the presence of prostate cancer using genomic biomarkers that were identified by HDC researchers using the Company’s patented RFE-SVM algorithm.

Compendia Bioscience Morphs Into Big Pharma’s Cancer Genomics Partner

Compendia Bioscience has evolved significantly since it spun out of the University of Michigan with its cancer genomics research software four years ago. Instead of just selling software and moving on to the next customer, Compendia co-founder and CEO, Daniel Rhodes, says that his firm has prospered by forming close ties to pharmaceutical companies that rely on the firm’s expertise and technology.

“We’re transforming from a software company only to really a collaboration partner with pharma, where we are licensing them access to our technology but also providing expertise and services,” Rhodes says. “So it’s a really exciting time for our company right now.”