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New Multiplex Tissue Biomarker Service Launched to Advance Companion Diagnostics Development in a Regulated Environment

Flagship Biosciences announced today the launch of a new tissue biomarker multiplexing analytical tool for tumors and other tissues. The patent pending technique is based on advanced image registration approaches in radiology fields and applied to consecutive histology sections. The novel technology approach will be presented at Pathology Visions 2010 in San Diego. Flagship is currently offering the multiplexing technology as part of their digital pathology services.

Revalesio Partners with Predictive Biomarker Sciences to Assess Potential Cancer Treatment

Revalesio Corporation announced today that it has contracted with Predictive Biomarker Sciences (PBS-Bio) to conduct studies related to the use of Revalesio’s novel anti-inflammatory therapeutic in treating cancer.

To jump-start drug development, PBS-Bio’s analysis helps pharmaceutical companies better understand how their drugs work and identifies biomarkers that can help predict which patients will respond to treatment.

Diaceutics and London Genetics Partner to Accelerate Biomarker Development in the Global Biopharmaceutical Industry

Diaceutics Limited (http://www.diaceutics.com) and London Genetics Limited, an expert in the use of pharmacogenetics in clinical drug discovery and development, today announce a strategic partnership to develop software decision tools that will provide biopharmaceutical companies with rapid and extensive access to the world’s leading academic biomarker research groups. The new tools will enable commercial biomarker research teams to comprehensively explore global biomarker resources to identify genes and gene sequences, as well as the researchers and clinicians relevant to their targeted therapy research.

Aushon BioSystems Forms Scientific Advisory Board

Aushon BioSystems, Inc., a leading provider of advanced microarray products and laboratory services for biomarker discovery, development and analysis, announced today the formation of a Scientific Advisory Board consisting of internationally renowned physicians and scientists at the forefront of applying biomarker technology in clinical drug development.

Novartis Pharmaceuticals Partners with Orasi Medical

Orasi Medical, today announced that it has entered an agreement with Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation (Novartis) to develop a novel central nervous system (CNS) biomarker.