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Micropatch Detects Disease Biomarkers in Skin

Scientists in Australia have built a microneedle device capable of detecting disease-specific proteins directly from the skin.

Critical Health Unveils a Biomarker for Diabetic Retinopathy Progression at the EuRetina Congress in Paris

Critical Health, a provider of innovative decision support software for ophthalmology, will showcase at the EuRetina Congress in Paris, France (Booth 222B). Recently granted a European IT Excellence Award, Retmarker allows physicians to have a more precise source of information, which is not prone to errors related to the complexity in the estimations of lesion areas present in each subfield of the retinography (color fundus photograph).

NPL Scientists Improve Biomarker Detection Technique

Scientists from NPL’s Biotechnology group have developed a new strategy to enable quicker and more precise detection of biomarkers – proteins which indicate disease. The work marks a new research direction for the group, and they hope the technique is an early step towards tools to detect Alzheimer’s and cancer at the molecular level.

Asuragen Adds KRAS, BRAF Testing for Personalised Med

Asuragen is introducing KRAS and BRAF mutational testing services to support development of personalised colorectal cancer treatments.

Chronix Biomedical Adds State-of-the-art Mass Seqeuncing Capabilities to Accelerate Development of it’s DNA Biomakers for Early Detection of Cancer

Chronix Biomedical today reported that it has significantly expanded and accelerated its biomarker development capabilities with the installation of Germany’s first state-of-the-art high-throughput DNA mass sequencer at the University of Göttingen, Chronix’s long-time collaborator. Chronix is developing disease-specific biomarkers based on DNA fragments that are released into the bloodstream by damaged and dying (apoptotic) cells. Chronix‘s serum DNA biomarkers are applicable to a wide range of cancers and other chronic diseases.