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Molecular Profiling Reveals Differences Between Primary and Recurrent Ovarian Cancers

There is a need to analyze tumor specimens at the time of ovarian cancer recurrence, according to a new study published in Molecular Cancer Therapeutics. Researchers used a diagnostic technology called molecular profiling to examine the differences in the molecular characteristics of primary and recurrent ovarian tumors and found significant changes for some biomarkers. This is the first study that examined potential differences in a broad biomarker panel in patient-matched primary versus recurrent ovarian cancers and underscores the importance of analyzing the most current tumor tissue in order to make the most informed decisions about treatment for recurrence.

Horizon and UK NEQAS ICC Announce Partnership to Improve Accuracy of Lung Cancer Diagnostic Testing

Horizon Diagnostics (HorizonDx), a division of Horizon Discovery, a leading provider of research tools to support the development and prescription of personalized medicines, recently announced it has signed a strategic partnership agreement with UK NEQAS. The partnership will focus on the development of genetically defined reference standards for novel lung cancer biomarkers.

Foundation Medicine Announces Collaboration with Sanofi

Foundation Medicine, Inc., a molecular information company that brings comprehensive cancer genome analysis to routine clinical care, today announced the initiation of a strategic collaboration with Sanofi. Foundation Medicine will use their genomic sequencing and analytic capabilities to identify genetic biomarkers and potential companion diagnostics for select Sanofi oncology drug candidates. This is Foundation Medicine’s fifth major pharmaceutical company alliance, each of which utilizes the company’s comprehensive technology for providing a fully informative molecular cancer profile.

SciClips Launches Cancer Biomarker Database

The success of personalized cancer therapeutics relies on the development of companion diagnostic assays that can identify the most appropriate cancer patient, tumor type and disease state. To address this need, SciClips, a Wisconsin-based open innovation platform company that enables scientists and researchers to collaborate and share research and ideas, recently launched a cancer (oncology) biomarker database.

AQUA Technology Expands to Additional Digital Pathology Platform with Launch of Vectra 2 from Caliper Life Sciences

Caliper Life Sciences, a Perkin-Elmer Company, launched their new Vectra 2 with AQUA technology, an integrated solution for quantification of protein biomarkers in tissue, at the Molecular Targets & Cancer Therapeutics meeting this week. Caliper and HistoRx collaborated on this new immunofluorescent imaging and analysis solution that will deliver objective, quantitative, and reproducible results: an improvement on traditional immunohistochemistry. The new product enables users to leverage the combined imaging and analysis power of Caliper’s Vectra 2, an automated multiplexed and multispectral tissue imaging platform, and AQUA technology, HistoRx’s proprietary image analysis system, to provide an integrated solution to advance the identification and validation of new drug targets and improve assessment of drug response.