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Novel In-Vitro Assays Developed for Mandatory EU-wide Allergen Testing

Proteome Sciences recently announced that it has developed a number of novel in-vitro tests for chemical compounds and substances that induce allergies when they come into contact with the skin or the respiratory system. Testing for these allergens in products including chemicals, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and detergents will become mandatory under EU legislation.

Siena Biotech Appoints Proteome Sciences as Preferred Proteomic Services Supplier

Proteome Sciences plc (“Proteome”) is pleased to announce that it has entered into a Master Research Agreement (MRA) with Siena Biotech S.p.A. (“Siena Biotech”) under which it has been retained as preferred supplier of protein and peptide biomarker services for Siena’s drug development programs.

Proteome Sciences and Buck Institute to Develop Biomarker Tests to Improve Breast Cancer Treatment

Proteome Sciences plc (“Proteome”) a global leader in biomarkers will collaborate with Buck Institute for Research on Aging (“Buck”) to develop personalized molecular tests for estrogen receptor alpha (ER-alpha) aimed at improving outcomes in breast cancer.

Rules-Based Medicine Reaches a Significant Milestone in Companion Diagnostic Program With Roche Milestone Demonstrates Effectiveness of RBM’s Strategic Biomarker Services

Rules-Based Medicine (RBM), a global leader in biomarker testing services, and its subsidiary, Psynova Neurotech, has achieved a significant milestone in a companion diagnostic development program with Roche. Using samples from a Roche clinical trial, the RBM DiscoveryMAP® platform, and Psynova’s biomarker database and expertise, a biomarker pattern was identified that has utility in prognosis of disease progression and/or predicting or monitoring the efficacy for a compound in the Roche CNS pipeline. Roche has exercised its option to continue commercial development based on these results, which could result in additional future milestone and royalty payments to RBM/Psynova.

Eisai Contracts with Proteome Sciences to Measure Candidate Alzheimer’s Biomarkers

Proteome Sciences has announced that it has been contracted by the Japanese pharmaceutical firm Eisai to provide biomarker services for Alzheimer’s disease.