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Thermo Fisher Scientific Enhances Workflow for Biomarker Research and Diagnostics

Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc., the world leader in serving science, today announced that it has enhanced its workflow for biomarker research and diagnostics by acquiring Intrinsic Bioprobes Inc., a manufacturer of unique immuno-enrichment, sample-preparation tools used in quantitative mass spectrometry. The Intrinsic Bioprobes portfolio enables Thermo Fisher to offer its worldwide life science research and clinical diagnostics customers an enhanced solution for quantitative protein biomarker detection.

Boston Microfluidics Contracts Affinity Life Sciences for Immunoassay Development and Protein Chemistry Services

Boston Microfluidics, Inc. (BMF), a developer of a novel Point-of-Care (POC) device, and Affinity Life Sciences, Inc., a contract research and manufacturing organization specializing in biomarker assay development and protein chemistry services, have partnered to develop immunoassays and chemistry components related to Boston Microfluidics’ POC device.

Aushon BioSystems and Peking University Cancer Hospital Collaborate on Predictive Diagnostic Biomarkers for Liver Metastases of Colorectal Cancer

Aushon BioSystems, Inc., recently announced that it has signed a letter of intent to enter into a diagnostic development collaboration with Peking University Cancer Hospital, Beijing, China. The primary goal for the collaboration is to develop predictive diagnostic markers for liver metastases of colorectal cancer utilizing Aushon’s proprietary suite of protein biomarker detection technologies, and stratification biomarkers for radio-chemotherapy patients. As part of this collaboration, Peking University Cancer Hospital and Aushon will further negotiate an agreement to grant Aushon exclusive rights In North America and Europe to certain intellectual property generated from the collaboration for diagnostic applications.

Avantra Biosciences Launches Multiplex System for Faster, Easier Quantification of Cancer Protein Biomarkers

Avantra Biosciences, a leading innovator in protein diagnostics, announced today their first shipments of the new Q400 Biomarker Workstation and the innovative Angio Qx BioChip Immunoassay. The system provides quantitative protein biomarker results for ten analytes in less than an hour, requiring less than five minutes for sample preparation. Multiplex protein assays can be helpful in evaluating the association between elevated protein levels, patient phenotype and drug response.

Exiqon Introduces GLP Compliant Services for Clinical miRNA Biomarker Screening

Exiqon A/S, a leading provider of technologies for biomarker detection, today announced the introduction of GLP compliant services for miRNA biomarker screening and diagnostic assay development for clinical trials.