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PointCross Life Sciences and InterpretOmics partner for Clinical and Genomic Biomarker Management for Drug Development

PointCross Life Sciences recently announced a strategic partnership with InterpretOmics Pvt. Ltd. to provide an integrated Big Data and globally accessible environment for genomic interpretation and analysis of all biomarkers collected in the context of clinical trials and nonclinical studies. This platform will serve the needs of precise or multi-targeted drug candidates, stratified patient selection and ex post analysis of efficacy and disease progression free survival.

Edico Genome Collaborates with Intel to Overcome Big Data Bottleneck in Next-Generation Sequencing

Edico Genome recently announced a collaboration with Intel Corporation to develop solutions with Intel’s Xeon processors to accelerate next generation sequencing (NGS) data analysis. The resulting solution will enable completion of primary and secondary NGS analysis in real time, while sustaining superior accuracy, decreasing costs, streamlining data analysis in the cloud and holds benefits for applications that require sharing of big data sets, such as analysis of population-scale genomic data.

Big Data and Genomics Meet the Cloud: the First Unified Global Platform for Precision Medicine

WuXi NextCODE Genomics and DNAnexus, the leader in cloud-base genome informatics and data management, have formed a strategic alliance that aims to accelerate the use of genomics to benefit patients worldwide.

Leading Oncology Researchers Address Growing Need for Assessing Tumor Microenvironment in Cancer Research

Key professionals in leading biopharma organizations attended The International Symposium for Tissue Phenomics™ in October 2014 to discuss the latest developments in cancer research and big data. Hosted by Definiens, the global leader in Tissue Phenomics for oncology diagnostics, the event drew key industry professionals and featured speakers from cutting edge organizations such as INSERM, National Cancer Institute, Kimmel Cancer Center, Providence Health Services, OncoMed Pharmaceuticals and University Medical Center Heidelberg. Presentations highlighted novel, important approaches in cancer research for the development of companion diagnostics, analysis of data, and validation of assays used to drive therapies.

Kalorama: IBM Partners to Bring Watson to the Consumer

The IBM Watson Group’s investment in Pathway Genomics Corporation is a model for the types of partnerships that are bringing Big Data to the healthcare consumer marketplace, according to Kalorama Information. IBM hopes to use Watson, their cognitive technology, and Big Data — enormous medical datasets – to transform the quality and speed of care delivered to individuals through individualized, evidence-based medicine. Pathway Genomics Corporation, a clinical laboratory that offers genetic testing services globally, plans to help deliver the first-ever cognitive consumer-facing app based on genetics from a user’s personal makeup.