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GeneNews Announces SentinelGx Pharmacogenomic and Companion Diagnostic BloodRNA Service

GeneNews Limited, a molecular diagnostics company focused on developing blood-based biomarker tests for the early detection of diseases and personalized health management, today announced the launch of SentinelGx, a suite of pharmacogenomic and companion diagnostic BloodRNA services for drug development and personalized health management applications (“SentinelGx”). The SentinelGx services provide complete whole blood transcriptome analysis for RNA expression profiling of inflammatory pathways, immune system response and cell signaling based on the Company’s patented Sentinel Principle technology. A catalog of over 2,200 TaqMan BloodRNA Profiles is now available including pathway-specific, disease-specific and drug-specific gene signature panels clinically proven to express in whole blood. The disease-specific panels include gene signatures for numerous types of cancer, autoimmune, cardiovascular, infectious and neurological diseases. In connection with the SentinelGx launch, GeneNews also announced the appointment of Karl Wassmann to the newly created position of Executive Vice President, US Corporate Development to manage the SentinelGx services.

Exonhit Reports Key Progress in the Introduction of AclarusDx in the French IVD Market

Exonhit announced today the signature of an agreement with Almac Diagnostics Limited which will serve as the reference laboratory for the analysis of samples tested with AclarusDx, its blood-based test intended to help in the diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease (AD) and which is currently being introduced in the French IVD market. This agreement follows the successful technology transfer that was performed between Exonhit and Almac during the last few months.

Affymetrix Launches Next-Generation microRNA Solution

This week, Affymetrix, Inc. launched the GeneChip miRNA 2.0 Array. This enhanced version of its best-in-class microRNA (miRNA) interrogation solution will support the research community’s pursuit of personalized medicine by accelerating the identification of biomarkers and gene expression signatures associated with disease. Built on the success of the first-generation miRNA Array design, turnkey assay, and data analysis solution, the GeneChip miRNA 2.0 Array combines the most comprehensive miRNA view with the highest level of sensitivity available.

Biomarker Database Startup GnuBio Raises $3M

Earlier this month, Harvard University spinout GnuBio Inc. raised $3 million in an equity offering filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. The company, founded by John Boyce, promises to join together millions of biological samples siloed at institutes around the world using an open source platform.

GeneNews Expected to Debut ColonSentry in New York by Year’s End

GeneNews is expected to debut in its ColonSentry colorectal cancer screening LDT in New York State either by the end of the year or within the first three months of 2011, according to an equities analyst.

Reni Benjamin of Rodman & Renshaw on Tuesday said GeneNews’s R&D partner Enzo Biochem’s clinical lab division has finished validating the PCR-based test, and is about to submit the final data package to state regulators.