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Truven Health Analytics Links Clinical Data with Claims to Enhance Oncology Outcomes Research

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Truven Health Analytics recently announced it has successfully linked electronic medical records (EMR) and administrative claims data with significant volume to power oncology-focused outcomes research studies. This de-identified data set, the newest addition to the MarketScan® research databases, provides a unique ability for researchers to better understand total healthcare costs, co-morbidities, adverse events, and outcomes for cancer patients by treatment phase, biomarker status, and tumor stage.

“It is exciting to see the pace of development for break-through oncology treatments. As these products come to market, researchers require real-world data to conduct high quality investigations that demonstrate the value of these new treatments.” said Stacey Long, vice president and general manager at Truven Health Analytics. “Payers, providers, and patients want to understand how new treatments affect not only health outcomes, but also overall costs. To do this, researchers need patient-level data that include not only the robust clinical data offered by an oncology EMR, but also the same patient’s claims data to understand associated healthcare costs and the full spectrum of a patient’s care beyond that provided by their oncologist. We are delighted to be able to offer this ground-breaking capability to the healthcare research community.”

The new MarketScan Oncology EMR-Claims Data Set contains de-identified healthcare and cost data for over 50,000 unique patients who have undergone cancer treatment in the past three years. Using these data, researchers are now able to conduct analytical projects that explore treatment decisions and outcomes for specific patient sub-populations, such as those defined by cancer stage or biomarker test. In addition, researchers will be able to understand the full continuum of healthcare provided to these patients and the associated costs.

“New research-ready data sources are essential for answering real world research questions aimed at getting the right treatment to the right patient at the right time,” said Kathleen Foley, senior director of strategic consulting at Truven Health Analytics. “The new MarketScan Oncology EMR-Claims Data Set broadens our ability to address important policy issues related to the development and evaluation of new payment mechanisms such as bundling. In addition, questions about treatment sequencing within rapidly changing treatment paradigms and the impact of treatment choices on outcomes and costs can be addressed.”

For over two decades, researchers from government, industry, and academia have relied on the MarketScan Research Databases to analyze the cost of care, evaluate the effectiveness of medical treatments, understand prescription drug utilization patterns, and research other important healthcare issues. These databases include de-identified healthcare claims data reflecting the real-world medical care of over 200 million unique U.S. patients since 1995.     

Source: Truven Health Analytics