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Thirteen Proteomics Companies Form Proteomics Innovation Network

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New England Peptide recently announced that it and twelve other product and service companies have started the global Proteomics Innovation Network to collaborate on unmet needs in drug discovery and personalized medicine.

The mission of the new proteomics network is to generate “from sample to discovery” solutions in all facets of proteomics, including expression, identification, characterization, interaction and function. Each member organization has complementary expertise, core technologies, and infrastructure to address critical unmet needs in biomarker and drug target discovery, personalized medicine, drug profiling, and selective reaction monitoring.

The Proteomics Innovation Network includes the following organizations:

  • Australian Proteome Analysis Facility (Sydney, Australia) specializes in protein discovery and quantitation as well as glycan analysis of therapeutic proteins/fusion proteins and antibodies.
  • Covaris Inc. (Woburn, Massachusetts, USA) provides advanced sample preparation systems for life and analytical sciences.
  • Dualsystems Biotech (Zurich, Switzerland) provides real-time information about drugs, their targets, mechanism of action and downstream cellular effects.
  • Eprogen (Downers Grove, IL, USA) specializes in the development of high resolution 1D and 2D HPLC based protein separation and analysis tools, protocols and consumables for use in proteomics applications and in complex protein expression analysis.
  • Focus Proteomics offers consulting and contract services in sample fractionation and two-dimensional gel electrophoresis (2DGE).
  • Horluce BioConsulting (France) provides writing and international services, technical advice, R&D projects (infectious diseases and proteomics) and biosafety.
  • Innova Proteomics (Rennes, France) provides protein analyses and identification by mass spectrometry for research, therapeutics, cosmetics, agro & natural products.
  • Neolomed Biosciences LLC (Monmouth Junction, NJ, USA) provides both preclinical research applications as well as clinical services (CLIA and CAP accredited).
  • New England Peptide (Gardner, Massachusetts, USA) designs and produces custom peptides and polyclonal antibodies for drug, diagnostic and vaccine discovery organizations worldwide.
  • New Liberty Proteomics (Frankfort, KY, USA) provides target development, primary and orthogonal lead screening, in vitro discovery of efficacy, side effects and toxicity, repositioning and biomarker development.
  • Norton Scientific (Thorold, Ontario, Canada) designs innovative measurement tools for use in modern research facilities.
  • Ontario Cancer Biomarker Network (Toronto, Ontario, Canada) provides services ranging from specimen banking, to proteomic and genomic analyses, to bioinformatics and modeling of complex datasets.
  • ProFACT Proteomics (Monmouth Junction, NJ, USA) applies enabling proprietary Functional Proteomics technology to the development of therapeutics, biomarkers and personalized medicine, principally for cancer.

Source: New England Pepetide