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Strand Genomics Inc. Announces Major Initiative With HCG To Provide Personalized Genomics Services For Oncology

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Strand Genomics Inc. (Strand), a global leader in clinical genomics, recently announced a major initiative with Health Care Global Enterprises, Ltd (HCG) to provide personalized genomics services for oncology. Strand’s clinical genomics solutions for oncology offered by the Strand-Triesta Center for Cancer Genomics (Strand-Triesta) include both cancer risk assessment from saliva DNA as well as molecular diagnosis, treatment options and clinical trials recommendations based on tumor DNA. Representatives from Strand and HCG recently discussed their model for providing genomic services to healthcare providers globally at the 2014 American Society for Clinical Oncology Annual Meeting (ASCO) in Chicago.

The world’s largest commercial adoption of genomics-based tumor profiling with HCG, the only dedicated cancer care network in India with 27 centers and serving over 100,000 new patients annually, will capitalize on Strand’s end-to-end clinical solutions of tests and interpretation services based on next-generation sequencing (NGS) and the proprietary StrandOmics™ platform. These diagnostic tests will support physicians and their patients with accurate and advanced tumor profiling of a large number of genes for “actionable” mutations. These tests will also help physicians to analyze the risk predisposition and stratification in cancer patients and their family members.

Dr. Vijay Chandru, Strand’s Chairman & CEO, said, “Strand is committed to expanding clinical genomics as a new paradigm for clinical decision support. This scale of adoption is unprecedented and enables affordability, but more importantly, the more cancer genomes we profile, the deeper the insights about cancer we gain. Deeper insights lead to informed decisions in cancer care. We look forward to continuing our dialogue with other potential partners at ASCO.”

Sequencing a tumor using NGS technologies, and thorough analysis of individual patient’s DNA variations, will enable physicians to personalize cancer therapy. Such personalized approaches will improve response rates and effectiveness of targeted, chemo- and radiation therapies. Further, genomic tests can detect hereditary risk in family members of cancer patients.

Strand is expanding its clinical genomics test offerings (as Laboratory Developed Tests (LDTs)) and interpretation services to hospitals and diagnostic labs world-wide, through establishing CLIA labs as part of Strand Centers for Genomics and Personalized Medicine.

Source: PR Newswire