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SomaLogic Announces First Early-access Site for SOMAscan Assay

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SomaLogic, Inc., recently announced that the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania is the first biomedical research center that will offer researchers on-site access to the SOMAscan™ assay, the most powerful proteomics platform available today. The assay will be performed at Penn’s Institute for Translational Medicine and Therapeutics (ITMAT), under the leadership of Daniel J. Rader, MD, associate director of ITMAT and chair of the Department of Genetics., and Stephen Master, MD, PhD, assistant professor of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine and director of ITMAT’s Translational Core Laboratory. It is expected that the SOMAscan assay will be fully functional at Penn by midsummer 2014.

“We are delighted that our first partner in bringing our powerful technology to more researchers is the University of Pennsylvania,” said Byron Hewett, Chief Executive Officer of SomaLogic. “The leadership of Dr. Rader and Dr. Master, together with the University’s reputation and skills in applying cutting-edge biotechnology tools to critical biomedical questions, will help ensure that this first non-SomaLogic center for our SOMAscan assay will be successful.”

SomaLogic’s breakthrough SOMAscan proteomic assay efficiently, accurately, and rapidly identifies and quantifies 1,129 proteins across a wide range of concentrations in small volumes of multiple biological sample types. Compared to other current proteomic technologies, SomaLogic’s breadth and depth of coverage offers unprecedented power for protein biomarker discovery, diagnostics development, and pharmaceutical discovery and development. Until now, it has only been offered as a service through SomaLogic at its laboratories in Boulder, CO.

“SOMAscan is powerful technology that has the potential to enhance translational research in a number of ways. We are excited to be the first biomedical research center to make the assay more accessible to researchers and expect there to be a high demand, ” said Dr. Rader.*

“Our goal is to get this powerful tool into the hands of as many researchers as possible, as soon as possible,” said Hewett. “We anticipate announcing several additional centers over the next few months, and are carefully evaluating additional requests from many different research centers for SOMAscan placement at their respective institutions.”

The SOMAscan placement is the first under an agreement between Agilent Technologies and SomaLogic to expand access to the SOMAscan platform in research centers in addition to the commercial SOMAscan service offered directly by SomaLogic throughout the U.S. and internationally.

Source: Business Wire