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SciClips Launches Biomarker and Drug Discovery Protocols Database

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SciClips is an open innovation platform that enables scientists and researchers to collaborate and share research and ideas. Following up on a diagnostic and prognostic biomarker database released earlier this year, SciClips has launched a second database constisting of biomarker and drug discovery research protocols.

The new database contains a description of hundreds of unique protocols that are not currently available in any other bioprotocol database. The database is divided into two sections:

Biomarker discovery protocols

This section contains protocols for cutting edge technologies currently used in biomarker discovery. Protocols are broadly classified into two main categories: (1) molecular biomarker discovery protocols and (2) protein biomarker protocols.

The molecular biomarker discovery category lists protocols related to gene expression, SNPs, miRNA and epigenetic biomarker discovery. The protein biomarker discovery protocols include proteomics/mass spectrometry, protein microarrays, tissue microarray, immunoassays and immunocytochemisty.

Drug discovery protocols

This section is divided into five categories:

  • Animal models
  • Cell culture and cell isolation protocols
  • Drug target screening assays
  • GPCR/Receptors/Ion channel protein assays
  • Stem cell protocols

Although both sections are labeled “open access”, there are several features that suggest more of an “obstructed access” model. Scripts are being used on all pages to disable right mouse clicks or text selection, meaning that you can’t copy protocols from the web page — researchers will have to manually transcribe protocols to their laboratory notebook. Moreover, users cannot search the database without a paid membership.

Source: SciClips Biomarker Discovery Protocols Database

Source: SciClips Drug Discovery Protocols Database