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Sanguine’s Mobile Application to Assist Recruitment for Pfizer Inc. Chronic Pain Research

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Sanguine Biosciences – a biotechnology company focusing on technology development, patient engagement and study recruitment – will use its proprietary mobile application and direct-to-patient platform, called Sangre, to help Pfizer Inc. find and recruit people diagnosed with Congenital Insensitivity to Pain (CIP) and their family members to participate in voluntary research, which will be used to help potentially identify DNA mutations and hopefully aid in informing the development of potential therapies for chronic pain.

CIP, also known as congenital analgesia, is a rare condition characterized by a person’s inability to feel physical pain. There are an estimated 40 diagnosed cases of CIP worldwide but there may also be many more undiagnosed cases.

Through Sanguine’s mobile application, medical technicians are empowered to more quickly and easily collect medical data directly from individuals at any location, rather than only being able to do so in a physician’s office or hospital. Sanguine’s application makes it possible for qualified participants in over 25 metro areas around the country to schedule an appointment with a local phlebotomist and make a blood donation to Pfizer’s study.

“What is exciting about this is the shared vision of patients and researchers working together for a common goal,” says Brian Neman, CEO of Sanguine. “It’s using our technology and non-profit network combined with Pfizer’s interest in creating innovative new therapies that may be exceptionally powerful here, especially for such a rare condition like CIP.”

“By comparing the DNA sequence of individuals with CIP with that of their unaffected family members, we hope to be able to possibly identify DNA mutations that are attributable to CIP,” said Ruth McKernan, Head of Neusentis, Pfizer’s research unit for pain and sensory disorders. “Our aim is to use this information to aid in potentially identifying new drug targets and developing potential therapies for chronic pain.”

Sanguine currently works with the top 20 pharmaceutical companies in the world to help fulfill their biospecimen collection needs.

Source: PR Newswire