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Salimetrics Unveils New Website

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Salimetrics has completed a research friendly redesign of their company website http://www.salimetrics.com, which will improve access to information on Salimetrics’ immunoassay kits, saliva collection products, and saliva testing services. In addition, the new website offers comprehensive advice on the best methods to collect, handle, store, and ship saliva samples for biomarker analysis, along with access to white papers and references to scientific research articles involving salivary analytes.

A major portion of the website redesign is devoted to The Salimetrics Laboratory, a full service, certified laboratory that measures biomarkers in saliva samples sent by researchers for analysis. These Salimetrics Laboratory pages provide detailed information that will help researchers plan and coordinate their research projects:

  • Tests & Services – Menus of analyte tests available in saliva (human & animal) or serum/plasma samples, along with a link to the Salivary DNA Testing Services.
  • Collection Methods – Essential information on preferred saliva collection devices, methods and volumes to collect, with a link to the Salimetrics Saliva Collection and Handling Advice handbook.
  • Resources – Answers to common questions from customers about the saliva testing services and how to properly organize and ship saliva samples.
  • Pricing – Basic testing price information for the purpose of preparing budgets, with links to receive more detailed information and volume pricing quotes.

The motivation for the redesign stems from Salimetrics’ commitment to the research community. Hans Schroeder, the VP of Marketing for Salimetrics states: “Our focus continues to be to provide the salivary research community with tools and information that is valuable, easy to use, and significantly aids researchers by improving the accuracy and quality of their data.”

Source: PR Web