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Saladax Biomedical, Inc. Expands Distribution of MyCare™ Products in Israel

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Saladax Biomedical, Inc., a privately held company developing and commercializing novel diagnostic assays to achieve the promise of personalized medicine for new and existing therapeutics, announced yesterday that Ilex Medical Ltd. will serve as exclusive distributor of Saladax’s My5-FU™, MyPaclitaxel™ and MyDocetaxel™ diagnostic reagent kits throughout the Israeli market. The MyCare™ tests are designed to measure levels of these common chemotherapy drugs in the blood of cancer patients to overcome the limitations associated with dosing based on body surface area (BSA).

“It is our goal to provide oncologists around the world with a new tool to offer their patients more effective chemotherapy treatment. Our new MyCare technology optimizes chemotherapy drug doses to patients’ individual needs, which is not achieved with BSA-based dosing,” said Adrienne Choma, Esq., Sr. VP and chief marketing officer of Saladax. “Over the course of the past 12 months, we’ve successfully expanded our offering of MyCare products to patients in multiple markets worldwide and we’re excited to partner with Ilex to provide patients in Israel enhanced therapeutic outcomes, reduced toxic side effects and higher quality of life during treatment.”

My5-FU, MyPaclitaxel and MyDocetaxel, all of which are part of Saladax’s MyCare technology platform, offer automated, rapid, robust and cost-effective in vitro diagnostic tests for patient-specific chemotherapy dose optimization. These new tests enable a physician to determine the optimal treatment effectiveness/toxicity balance for each unique patient.

Tamar Galili, VP, Sales & Marketing of Ilex, stated, “Given the strong science behind Saladax’s MyCare products, we’re confident we will be able to provide patients within the Israeli market optimized cancer treatment. As we are leaders in the Israeli in vitro diagnostic market, we believe we are an ideal partner for Saladax.”

Ilex Medical is a part of Ilex group, which has been publicly traded on the Tel Aviv stock exchange since 1995 (TASE:ILX). Ilex Medical’s main focus is in the in vitro diagnostics equipment, reagents, laboratory management software, blood bank diagnostic kits and diagnostic support services for the healthcare establishment in Israel. With more than 110 employees worldwide, the Ilex Group is closely affiliated with leading multinational medical conglomerates like Novartis, Gen-Probe, bioMerieux, CH-Werfen Instrumentation Laboratory and others.

Source: PR Newswire