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Sage Bionetworks Partners with CHDI Foundation, Takeda for Neurobiology

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Sage Bionetworks has started projects to build advanced computational models of neurobiological disease through two ongoing partnerships with the CHDI Foundation and Takeda Pharmaceuticals.

CHDI is a private, not-for-profit research organization that works with scientists to discover drugs that slow the progression or delay the onset of Huntington’s disease (HD). CHDI and Sage Bionetworks will initially work with Massachusetts General Hospital to conduct a worldwide inventory of Huntington’s disease tissues available for research. The intention is to analyze these materials using computational genomics to identify key genes in disease progression and assess the validity of model HD systems.

Robi Blumenstein, President of CHDI Management, said:

We think that network modeling approaches have great potential to further our understanding of Huntington’s disease. We are particularly excited to bring HD to Sage Bionetworks’ open-access infrastructure. This shared platform will allow investigators to freely build and compare their network models using Sage Bionetworks’ sophisticated tools, to the benefit of the entire HD research community.

Takeda and Sage Bionetworks formed a CNS disease research alliance in November of last year. As part of the four-year agreement, Sage will build predictive computational models of CNS diseases, such as schizophrenia, and identify genes and biomarkers in patients with the disorders. Researchers at the two companies will then collaborate to prioritize the targets holding the greatest potential for molecular intervention.

Source: CHDI Foundation