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PDI, Inc. Subsidiary Interpace Diagnostics Announces Launch of ThyGenX Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) Test for Cancer Risk Assessment of Thyroid Nodules

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PDI, Inc. (Nasdaq: PDII) recently announced that its molecular diagnostics subsidiary, Interpace Diagnostics, has launched its new next-generation sequencing (NGS) ThyGenX™ test to assist physicians in distinguishing between benign and malignant genotypes in indeterminate thyroid nodules.  Over 525,000 thyroid FNA’s (fine needle aspirates) are performed annually and up to 30% of the results are indeterminate.  ThyGenX is used to improve risk stratification to help minimize the need for unnecessary surgical procedures when standard cytopathology does not provide a clear diagnosis of thyroid cancer.
The test consists of a panel comprised of eight genes associated with papillary and follicular carcinoma, the two most common forms of thyroid malignancies.  The ThyGenX panel design is based on the miRInform® test whose high predictive value has been validated in a recent prospective clinical study involving over 600 patients.  Interpace Diagnostics acquired the miRInform test from Asuragen earlier this year, and has now enhanced it by upgrading to an NGS platform.  NGS offers greater genomic insights and increases the panel content to over 100 known genetic alterations with strong correlation to malignant thyroid nodules.

“The launch of ThyGenX represents the next step in building Interpace Diagnostics’ emerging endocrine cancer test franchise,” said Nancy Lurker, CEO of PDI, Inc.  “We are excited about the possibilities ahead as we continue to innovate and grow Interpace Diagnostics.”

Source: PR Newswire