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NYAS Symposium: Biomarkers and Brain Imaging of Presymptomatic Alzheimer’s Disease

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The New York Academy of Sciences (NYAS) will be holding an afternoon event in January 2012 that focuses on biomarkers and brain imaging of presymptomatic Alzheimer’s disease. Biomarkers and Brain Imaging of Presymptomatic Alzheimer’s Disease: Exploring the Silent Years will be held on Tuesday, January 24th, from 1pm – 5pm EST (10am – 2pm PST).

The NYAS symposium will explore an integrated view of the structural, functional, and biochemical events that may precede and predict both AD and amnestic mild cognitive impairment (aMCI). The available tools include imaging agents for amyloid deposits, FDG-PET, structural MRI, default network functional MRI, and a plethora of potential CSF and plasma biochemical markers. Developing and refining this integrated view of what these clinical tools are able to reveal is essential to gaining clues about key causal events leading to AD, to understanding how measurable functional deficits in the brain might be detected behaviorally, and to establishing and validating surrogate biomarkers predictive of AD onset.

Speakers include:

Registration for NYAS members is free and for nonmembers $30. For more information, including speakers, sponsors, and travel & lodging, see the NYAS symposium page below.

Source: The New York Academy of Sciences