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Novartis Pharmaceuticals Partners with Orasi Medical

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Orasi Medical, today announced that it has entered an agreement with Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation (Novartis) to develop a novel central nervous system (CNS) biomarker.

Under the agreement, Novartis will utilize Orasi Index™ Orasi Medical’s key product, to develop a new CNS biomarker to support measurement of disease and treatment effect. The companies will collaborate to identify and develop a biomarker through the use of magnetoencephalography (MEG). Orasi Medical develops neurological biomarkers based on electrical activity of the brain and Orasi Index can accelerate drug development, reduce costs and improve CNS drug innovation by accurately measuring neurological drug effects and real-time brain function throughout key phases of the drug development process.

“We are quite pleased that Novartis will utilize Orasi Index to develop more effective drugs for the many people affected by CNS diseases,” said Shawn Lyndon, Chief Executive Officer of Orasi Medical. “We look forward to working with Novartis on this innovative project, and similar collaborations in the future.”

Source: Orasi Medical