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NextGen Sciences Launches Multiplex Protein CSF Biomarker Assay for Alzheimer’s Disease

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NextGen Group plc is pleased to announce that its US-subsidiary NextGen Sciences Inc, a leader in biomarker discovery, measurement and qualification, has launched its csfalzheimers37 multiplex protein assay for Alzheimer’s disease. The assay simultaneously measures 37 human CSF (cerebrospinal fluid) proteins that are believed to have potential as biomarkers for the disease.

Klaus Rosenau, Chairman and CEO of NextGen Group, commented, ‘The release of the csfalzheimers37 assay demonstrates our firm intention to focus on the major CNS (Central Nervous System) diseases and comes hot on the heels of the release of the csfmultiplesclerosis25 assay for Multiple Sclerosis and csfparkinsons22 assay for Parkinson’s disease. To ensure we continually deliver the high-quality assays that pharmaceutical, biotechnology, diagnostics, and translational medicine organizations need to inform their decision-making processes, NextGen Sciences is currently working to expand its CSF and Plasma discovery assays.’

NextGen’s assay is based upon its multiple reaction monitoring (MRM) mass spectrometry platform and generates high quality reproducible data that companies can use in their drug and diagnostic development programmes. The MRM platform can be used to assay proteins and modified proteins for which there are no antibodies and can thus circumvent the limitations of current antibody based technologies. NextGen expects to develop further oncology and CNS disease-focused assay panels, both as proprietary products and with other companies, through partnerships and collaborations.

Source: NextGen Sciences