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NextGen Sciences Launches its 82 Protein Cerebrospinal Fluid (CSF) CNS Disease Biomarker Assay

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NextGen Group plc is pleased to announce that its US-subsidiary NextGen Sciences Inc, a leader in biomarker discovery, measurement and qualification, has launched an expanded cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) multiple protein (multiplex) assay, csfdiscovery82, for central nervous system (CNS) biomarker discovery and qualification. The new assay simultaneously measures 82 human CSF proteins that are thought to have potential as biomarkers in CNS diseases, particularly Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis and ALS diseases. The launch of csfdiscovery82 demonstrates the acceleration in NextGen Sciences strategy of becoming a leading player in the growing CNS biomarker market.

NextGen’s assay is based upon its multiple reaction monitoring (MRM) mass spectrometry platform and generates high precision data (<10% average CV) that clients can use in their drug and diagnostic development programmes. NextGen is now turning its assay development focus onto specific CNS disease/injury areas such as Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis and traumatic brain injury (TBI) as it begins to develop its diagnostics business model. The company intends to build a multi-parallel project portfolio that can exploit its de novo discovery and targeted assay development capabilities. Klaus Rosenau, Chairman and CEO of NextGen Group, commented, ‘The release of csfdiscovery82 demonstrates that we have once again delivered on our plans to develop multiplex protein assays that will help to establish the company as a market leader in biomarker discovery and qualification using its MRM technology. Further, it builds upon the desire to develop our reputation within the CNS disease/injury market and advances our progress towards implementing our diagnostics business strategy.’ Rosenau also said, ‘Importantly, we have become stronger in our aims to target increasing market share from the $600M mass spectrometry based biomarker discovery market. We believe this assay and others currently in development will significantly impact the needs of pharmaceutical, biotechnology and diagnostics companies in identifying effective disease progression, stratification and diagnostic biomarkers as we move towards a more personalized medicine era.’ Source: NextGen Sciences