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MedTrust Online, Avantra Biosciences Collaborate to Involve Clinicians in Assay Development

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MedTrust Online and Avantra Biosciences recently announced that they will collaborate on involving clinicians in early-stage development of molecular diagnostic assays to run on Avantra Biosciences’ QPDx multiplex immunoassay system.

The two companies will provide a global community of over 10,000 cancer care professionals with early access to the latest panels of protein biomarkers implicated in different cancers. As Avantra identifies biomarkers of interest, MedTrust will use its Knowledge Medicine platform to engage oncologists in online discussions that will validate the role of different panels in diagnosis, prognosis and treatment efficacy in cancer care.

The first of several multiplex assays to be evaluated include an upcoming panel developed in the recently announced collaboration between Avantra and TGen Drug Development. Avantra intends to develop additional panels that may target ovarian, pancreatic, lung, prostate, breast and colorectal cancers to uncover associations between the level of protein markers and patient drug responses that can positively impact clinical decisions.

The assay technologies are currently available for research use only. As clinical utility becomes evident, Avantra intends to seek regulatory approval. In addition to oncology, Avantra is exploring opportunities in other areas such as infectious disease through its upcoming panel for sepsis.

Christopher Yoo, CEO of MedTrust, commented:

This partnership will provide cancer doctors with powerful biomarker assays that can be validated with clinical insights about their utility at the point of care. The result of this joint effort will be better decisions based on the most accurate molecular knowledge available about an individual patient’s disease.

Source: MedTrust Online