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MediSapiens Expanding Rapidly into Precision Medicine and Genomic Diagnostics

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Earlier this year MediSapiens announced a joint venture with International Cancer Advocacy Network (ICAN) to develop and publish Remission Coach®, a web-based solution that addresses the urgency of cancer management.  This innovative solution provides cancer patients with a personalized platform for actively determine the most appropriate clinical trial for that patient’s disease and treatment history. Now MediSapiens announces collaboration with Genoscoper Laboratories, leading animal DNA diagnostics laboratory.

Genoscoper is the first DNA testing service provider in the world to develop a genome-wide MyDogDNA testing concept for dogs. The company recently announced an exclusive partnership with Mars Veterinary, a division of Mars, Inc., the world’s leading pet food and veterinary care provider. Under the partnership between Mars Petcare and Genoscoper, the MyDogDNA testing concept will be introduced to a global audience of dog owners, breeders and animal health professionals.

“We are thrilled to work on both of these projects. They are the perfect example on direct applications of genomic data being used productively in the consumer market. MediSapiens has been a forerunner in translating genomic data into knowledge for research use. Now we are shifting our focus more on the clinical and consumer markets, in order to effectively utilize the expertise we’ve gained within research market. These two collaborations are the first of many applications that make complex biomedical data accessible”, says MediSapiens CEO, Dr. Sami Kilpinen.

Source: MediSapiens