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MDxHealth Epigenetic Biomarkers Show Ability to Confirm the Presence of Lung Cancer in Sputum Samples

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MDxHealth SA, a leading molecular diagnostics company in the field of personalized cancer treatment, today announced the results of a study indicating that several of its epigenetic biomarkers are able to confirm the presence of non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) from routinely collected sputum samples of patients with stages I-IV of the disease. MDxHealth is developing a molecular diagnostic test, ConfirmMDx for Lung Cancer, to help physicians accurately assess the presence or absence of cancer genes. These important new data will be presented at the 5th EORTC – NCI – ASCO Annual Meeting on Molecular Markers in Cancer in Brussels, Belgium (October 27-29).

In this particular NSCLC study based on samples from 92 patients, epigenetic analysis of MDxHealth’s proprietary biomarker RASSF1A, in combination with three other markers (TAC1, GREM1 and HOXA9), resulted in high sensitivity and specificity values of 75-80% and 90-96%, respectively. MDxHeath plans to conduct additional clinical studies to further optimize its ConfirmMDx lung cancer test.

“The results of this study clearly show that our epigenetic biomarkers can be used to detect the presence of NSCLC in patients with various stages of disease using a non-invasively collected specimen. Early diagnosis of NSCLC is a clear unmet medical need and critical for potential curative treatment,” explained Dr. Jan Groen, CEO of MDxHealth.

Source: MDxHealth