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Launch of Consumer Health Intelligence Service Onegevity Combines Blood, Genome and Microbiome Analysis for Personalized Health and Wellness

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January 15 marks the official launch of Onegevity Health as a new consumer health intelligence company, which combines a multi-omic artificial intelligence (AI) platform with consumer-friendly products and digital services. Onegevity will provide a comprehensive molecular portrait and customized recommendations for an individual’s health based on integrated analysis of longitudinal blood, genetics, and gut microbiome profiles.

Based in New York, Onegevity was founded by scientific pioneers Drs. Joel Dudley and Chris Mason, along with Thorne CEO Paul Jacobson. Onegevity delivers science-based, consumer-friendly recommendations for customized nutrition, clinically-studied supplements and pre- and pro-biotics to improve health outcomes. The company’s first product, GutBio, combines its advanced Metagenome+ sequencing technology with AI-based personalized insights and recommendations to help individuals manage and improve gut health. Onegevity will expand services later this year to include whole-genome sequencing and blood testing plus personalized products and services for skin health, cognition, heart health, and sports performance.

Onegevity is working exclusively with partner company Drawbridge Health in the development of the OneDraw blood sampling system to enable a convenient and nearly painless blood testing experience across multiple applications in the Onegevity product line.

“Our mission is to empower any individual seeking better health with the best science emerging from personalized health research,” said Dudley. “Our approach is to put individuals at the center of control of their health journey with direct access to convenient molecular diagnostics and intelligent digital analytics to develop personalized and highly-actionable plans towards chosen health goals.”

“We aim to build a radically different relationship with our customers compared to companies on the market today,” said Jacobson. “Several companies today seem to profit off the backs of their customers by making deals on customer data where the economics of those deals tend to flow only in the company’s favor. Our model is that we only profit when we help customers achieve better health, and if we find opportunities to profit from data, we will be completely transparent with our customers and split the economics in a way that rewards the customer.”

Onegevity will leverage partner company Thorne’s network of 35,000 physicians to offer convenient testing and powerful analytical tools to improve preventative care and lower healthcare costs for their patients.

“In the short term, Onegevity will help fill a void for people managing gut health issues such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) through testing, data analytics, and user-friendly, data-driven health recommendations,” said Jacobson. “In the long term, Onegevity’s technology will help reduce healthcare costs and improve outcomes for doctors and consumers through a data-driven, personalized approach to preventative health.”

“Ten years ago, genetic and microbiome sequencing were isolated to advanced research groups and the ultrawealthy at costs in excess of $50,000 and provided limited insights,” said Dr. Mason, who is a co-founder, equity stakeholder, and consultant for Onegevity. “Today, our platform may open up best-in-class health and wellness to anyone and everyone with utility for the data. We give customers access to molecular details, digital health paths, and data analytics in an actionable manner that results in tangible solutions to improve quantifiable health outcomes. It is each person’s right to know as much as possible about his or her health, right down to each base pair, methyl group, and molecule, and we firmly believe this will become the new model to better understand, diagnose, and treat disease.”

Reference: Business Wire