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CompanionDx Launches NGS-based Cancer Assays Using GenomOncology’s GO Clinical Workbench

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CompanionDx Reference Lab, LLC, a high-complexity CLIA-certified laboratory specializing in pharmacogenomics, cancer companion diagnostics and targeted next-generation sequencing (NGS), recently announced it is offering a series of NGS-based assays related to cancer. To enable efficient and compliant clinical reporting from NGS, CompanionDx chose to partner with GenomOncology, an Ohio-based genomics technology and services provider.

“The ability to deliver therapy-driven clinical reports—rapidly and in a high-assurance manner—was an important requirement in our evaluation process,” David Lasecki, president of CompanionDx, states. “In addition, the Go Clinical Workbench enables our laboratory to manage increased volume and quickly add new assays to meet the needs of our oncologists.”

Utilizing GenomOncology’s GO Clinical Workbench, CompanionDx is able to deliver customized clinical reports to enable oncologists to guide therapy based on a patient’s tumor genotype.

“Creating high-quality, reproducible data from NGS has become easier,” states Steve Gustafson, chief operating officer of GenomOncology. “However, the reporting process in the clinical laboratory poses several challenges. Our primary focus is optimizing this process from QC to clinical interpretation, sign out and delivery.”

CompanionDx has a strong history of innovation related to personalized medicine,” Lasecki said. “Launching these NGS-based cancer tests is a natural progression in our strategy to enable physicians to provide better care for their patients.”

Source: GenomOncology