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Ion Torrent Developers Alliance Program Designed to Speed Targeted NGS Assay Development

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Thermo Fisher Scientific today launched the Ion Torrent Developers Alliance Program to support the development and commercialization of molecular in vitro diagnostics and clinical research assays using targeted next-generation sequencing (NGS) technology.

Members of the Ion Torrent Developers Alliance Program are provided with flexible options to access Ion Torrent sequencing systems. With hundreds of thousands of test results generated in clinical research each year, the Ion Torrent platform and complementary Ion AmpliSeq and Oncomine reagents provide several advantages for assay development, including accurate and reliable genetic variant analysis from more samples due to low DNA and RNA input requirements, and faster turnaround times for results.

“Next-generation sequencing is fast becoming an essential tool because it allows professionals to simultaneously screen hundreds of genes from patient samples to help facilitate research and clinical trial enrollment,” said Joe Bernardo, president of clinical next generation sequencing at Thermo Fisher. “The greatest potential for NGS to advance healthcare still lies ahead, and we believe that partnering with customers as they develop simple, easy-to-use tests that meet regulatory guidelines will make precision medicine more accessible to community hospitals around the world as well as the patients they serve in the future.”

Several firms are already leveraging this technology for their own assay development and pharma service programs, including Invivoscribe Technologies for immune-oncology applications, HTG Molecular Diagnostics, and Geneuity, a division of Molecular Pathology Laboratory.

The Ion PGM Dx System with the Torrent Suite Assay Development Software v5.0 enables laboratories to run a broad range of sample and assay types to further their clinical research efforts. In the future, members of the Developers Alliance will have access to the new Ion S5 System to carry out development work as Thermo Fisher plans to register the platform with regulatory agencies. Designed with ‘plug-and- play,’ cartridge-based reagents, the Ion S5 combines the ability to sequence gene panels and small genomes, as well as exomes, transcriptomes and even custom assays on a single platform.

“The opportunity to advance precision medicine through targeted, next-generation sequencing has never been greater, and it can be achieved by working closely not only with assay developers, but also in collaboration with regulatory agencies, payers, clinical care professionals and patient communities,” Bernardo said. “We are pleased to provide greater access to our advanced technologies, regulatory expertise and global commercial channels in an effort to expedite the healthcare benefits of sequencing- based molecular tests around the world.”

Source: Thermo Fisher Scientific