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IMULAN Identifies Biomarker to Diagnose Atopic Dermatitis

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IMULAN BioTherapeutics has identified a diagnostic biomarker for atopic dermatitis. Using dogs as the atopic model, researchers found a highly significant increase in the expression of the biomarker in dogs with dermatitis compared to normal dogs.

IMULAN used an ELISA test based on their T-cell receptor peptide platform, which is also being used to develop an immuno-therapeutic for atopic dermatitis in dogs. The test showed a 16-fold increase in median serum titers of the biomarker in subjects with atopic dermatitis compared to normal subjects.

Daniel Gingerich DVM, IMULAN’s Chief Scientific Officer said:

It has been confirmed that T-cell abnormalities represent an underlying immunological defect in atopic dermatitis. This new diagnostic detects hyper-reactivity to the dogs’ own T-cell receptors, which appears to be a characteristic of atopic dermatitis.

The company is currently preparing the study results for publication.

Source: IMULAN BioTherapeutics