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Habit Pioneers Personalized Nutrition Category

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Habit, a new company that is at the intersection of nutrition, technology and food delivery, unveiled plans to launch a complete personalized nutrition solution for people who want to harness the transformative power of food to improve their lives.

Unlike generic, one-size-fits-all eating fads, which may work for one person but not another, Habit develops nutrition recommendations based on an individual’s unique biology, metabolism and personal goals. Habit takes the guesswork and confusion out of what to eat by creating a personal nutrition blueprint for each individual. Then it helps one reach their health goals by delivering fresh, personalized meals to one’s doorstep and supporting through one-on-one wellness and nutrition coaching.

The Habit team is comprised of nutrition scientists, health advisors, researchers, technologists, registered dietitians, chefs, food scientists, and business leaders.

“I founded Habit after my own health and wellness wake-up call. Two years ago, my doctor looked me in the eyes and told me – a former Ironman triathlete – that I was on the road to some serious health issues. I realized that for the sake of my own health and that of my family, I had to make a change,” said Neil Grimmer, founder and CEO of Habit. “After undergoing a complex and costly path of DNA and blood tests to understand my body’s fundamental nutrition needs, I realized there had to be a simpler, more accessible way for others to learn what foods and nutrients their bodies crave to be the healthiest they can be.”

While everything around us has become more personal and quantifiable, people still approach nutrition with a one-size-fits-all mentality. Habit’s one-size-does-not-fit-all approach leverages science to analyze body metrics that tell us what our bodies need for optimal wellbeing.

How It Works

An at-home test kit measures over 60 different biomarkers, which include nutrition-related blood markers, how these markers change in response to a proprietary metabolic challenge beverage, and genetic variations within your DNA. You also provide several body metrics including body weight, height, waist circumference as well as your health goals. Habit’s proprietary and patent pending approach, including the Nutrition Intelligence Engine, then synthesizes the data to determine the foods and nutrients that are best for you. Certified coaches will be on hand to help you meet your goals through tailored plans, while a team of chefs prepare the food your body craves, delivered straight to your door.

“We’re at the beginning of a new era in nutrition – personalized nutrition, based on science, enabled by big data and computational mathematics that will change the way we eat forever,” said Leroy Hood, co-founder of The Institute for Systems Biology and Habit science advisor. “Habit is combining decades of research on systems biology into the most complete view possible of your body’s specific nutritional needs and tolerances.”

Prior to founding Habit, Grimmer co-founded and led Plum Organics, the leading organic baby food brand in the U.S. Now with Habit, Grimmer aims to bring the same passion for better food and nutrition to all generations. Plum was acquired by Campbell Soup Company in 2013. As Founder and CEO of Habit, Grimmer is proud to partner with Campbell again. Based on its belief in the growth potential of the personalized nutrition space, Campbell is Habit’s sole investor.

“The entire food industry is being transformed by the fusion of food, well-being and technology,” said Denise Morrison, Campbell’s President and Chief Executive Officer. “Habit is well positioned in this wired for well-being space and poised to lead the personalized nutrition category. Campbell’s investment is part of our broader efforts to define the future of food, which requires fresh thinking, new models of innovation, smart external development and venture investing to create an ecosystem of innovative partners.”

Habit will be available in early 2017. For more information about Habit and to be added to the waitlist, please visit www.habit.com.

Source: Habit