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Great Point Partners Announces Sale of Caprion Proteomics

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Great Point Partners, LLC recently announced the sale of Caprion Proteomics, Inc., a Great Point Partners I portfolio company. Caprion is a leading provider of proteomic services to the pharmaceutical industry that include: (i) biomarker discovery, (ii) biomarker validation, (iii) drug target discovery, (iv) advanced immune monitoring services, and (v) in-vitro diagnostics development. Under Great Point’s investment, Caprion grew EBITDA by over 300x. The growth was primarily driven through strong organic growth, industry leadership and accretive tuck-in acquisitions.

Caprion’s differentiated and proprietary services offer a unique value proposition to global pharmaceutical and biotechnology clients, such as GlaxoSmithKline, Johnson & Johnson, and Merck by helping them achieve accelerated proof-of-concept by accurately identifying biomarkers at the protein level in pre-clinical and clinical studies across an array of disease indications. With over 100 projects for 45 clients completed since 2008, the Company is recognized as a leader in its industry and a trusted partner by its clients.

The sale is a continuation of GPP I’s string of successful exits and occurs only seven months after its exit of Mediatech in December 2011.

“This transaction represents a very successful outcome for Caprion’s current shareholders, as well as tangible evidence of the highly productive and synergistic partnership we have established with Great Point Partners over the past five years. Our partnership with Great Point played a central role in the strong performance and growth that Caprion achieved during this period, and in positioning the company for sustained future growth under new ownership as we continue to capitalize on the growing demand for proteomics services in the area of drug discovery and development.” said Martin LeBlanc, President and CEO of Caprion.

Adam Dolder, Managing Director of Great Point Partners and former Chairman of Caprion, stated “We could not be more thrilled with the successful outcome of our investment in Caprion. This transaction is a testament to the vision that we shared with Martin and a compliment to his excellent leadership in bringing that vision to reality. Caprion is a truly differentiated company that capitalizes on the major needs of its pharmaceutical and biotech clients and the value achieved in the transaction proves that point.”

Source: PR Web