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GATC Biotech Signs a Sales and Marketing Agreement for Products and Services With Molecular Health

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GATC Biotech, provider of innovative, high quality DNA and RNA sequencing solutions to the pharmaceutical and diagnostics markets, recently announced that it has signed a commercial agreement with Molecular Health. Under this agreement, GATC Biotech will make TreatmentMAP available to patients worldwide. The initial plans of the commercial collaboration are to market and support Molecular Health’s state-of-the-art system for tumour profiling.

Every cancer is unique, which is why cancer patients respond differently to cancer treatments. Scientific discoveries and technological breakthroughs can provide oncologists with more in-depth information about individual tumour biology, helping to identify potentially beneficial therapeutic agents based on the molecular makeup of the individual tumour. TreatmentMAP can help a physician select the treatment best suited to an individual tumour profile. Based on the patient´s molecular and clinical data, the extensive biomedical data warehouse of Molecular Health and the TreatmentMAP analytical software provide physicians with detailed, actionable information. TreatmentMAP is the first registered medical device of its kind in Europe for personalized cancer medicine. In the United States, it is run as an end-to-end laboratory test that includes next-generation sequencing (NGS).

GATC Biotech has signed a commercial agreement with Molecular Health to market TreatmentMAP. Molecular Health has launched the product in the US and Germany and will now work with GATC Biotech to address the rapidly growing interest in the market. This agreement provides Molecular Health with a powerful commercial and scientific partner in this important market and GATC Biotech believe that this relationship will contribute substantially to business growth.

Lutz Voelker, Chief Executive of Molecular Health, commented:

“This is an important agreement for Molecular Health and I expect it to be a significant impulse in commercialisation of our TreatmentMAP. It is the next logical step in a close collaboration with GATC Biotech, providing a world-class commercial and product development partner in the European market and potentially beyond.”

“TreatmentMAP is a powerful tool designed to support the decision making of oncologists, hence improving the potential prospect of treating cancer and improving the life of cancer patients. This sales and marketing agreement with GATC Biotech has significantly enhanced our prospects of exploiting TreatmentMAP’s definitive market potential throughout.”

Peter Pohl, CEO and co-founder of GATC Biotech, commented:

“The TreatmentMAP medical device and Molecular Health’s expertise is a perfect complement to GATC Biotech’s strategic position in providing solutions for the global diagnostic market. This agreement allows us to combine our long-standing know-how and products with this exciting new software tool to address very important needs in the field of oncology.”

“We are very excited about the potential of this next step in our collaborative relationship and I look forward to keeping the market updated as this commercial partnership develops to provide cancer patients access to this personalised tumour profiling solution.”

Source: PR Newswire