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Expression Pathology Provides Roche Biomarker Assay Services for Oncology Drug Development

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Expression Pathology recently announced an agreement with Roche to provide its Liquid Tissue-SRM Technology to accelerate identification of cancer molecular markers for developing more effective treatments.

According to Dr. Miro Venturi, Senior Biomarker & Experimental Medicine Leader at Roche:

This new approach to tissue analysis has the potential to dramatically stream-line and improve biomarker identification in FFPE samples during clinical development. Longer-term, we may envision Expression Pathology’s Liquid Tissue-SRM platform as becoming a new way of profiling tumors at the molecular level to improve patient stratification and therefore advancing our discovery of personalized medicines.”

Under the terms of the agreement, Expression Pathology will support Roche oncology drug development programs with multiplexed quantitative assays of cancer signaling pathway proteins and their activation in FFPE tissues by mass spectrometry.

Casey Eitner, President and CEO of Expression Pathology said:

This collaboration with Roche is a key step towards developing valuable clinical assays to improve patient treatment decisions for Roche’s innovative new targeted therapies.

Source: Expression Pathology