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Eutropics and Tolero Pharmaceuticals to Collaborate on Developing a Companion Diagnostic for Experimental Cancer Therapy

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Eutropics, Inc , (Cambridge, MA) and Tolero Pharmaceuticals, Inc, (Lehi, UT) recently announced a strategic alliance to utilize Eutropics’ companion diagnostic approach to assist in the development of Tolero’s experimental therapeutics for hematological malignancies. Under the terms of the agreement, Eutropics’ proprietary biomarker platform, Praedicare-Dx, will be used to support the development of Tolero’s therapeutic portfolio, particularly Tolero’s Phase III ready asset, alvocidib. Alvocidib is an experimental therapeutic that has demonstrated clinical activity in patients with acute myelogenous leukemia (AML) and chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL). Patient stratification using Eutropics’ companion diagnostics approach will be explored as a way to improve patient care by matching specific therapies to the specific individuals most likely to benefit.

“This partnership with Eutropics is an important component of Tolero’s efforts to bring forward a new therapy for the treatment of AML, CLL and other malignacies”, said Dr. David J. Bearss, CEO of Tolero. “Preliminary results in CLL patient studies have shown that the Praedicare-Dx test is predictive of patient response to alvocidib. The ability of Praedicare-Dx to predict outcomes in patients, combined with alvocidib’s potential for clinical benefit, holds the promise of improved treatment outcomes. We are excited to collaborate with Eutropics and believe that identifying patients most likely to respond to alvocidib will benefit patients suffering from leukemia and expand available therapeutic options.”

Dr. Michael Cardone, CEO of Eutropics added: “We are happy to be working with Tolero to help them develop new drug treatments for blood cancer. We have reason to believe that our companion diagnostic strategies will facilitate advancement of their promising agent alvocidib and positively affect patient treatment decisions and outcomes.”

Financial terms of the agreement were not disclosed.

Source: Business Wire