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Drugscreen.com Introduces New K2 Screening With Advanced Detection Capability

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Drugscreen.com, announced today the introduction of its advanced screening process for the detection of K2 (synthetic marijuana) through a highly efficient test. Drugscreen.com, a division of SECON, has demonstrated that the new process can identify many of the new synthetic cannabinoid compounds being sold on the street today, making it highly successful in detecting the presence of the drug as compared to previous drug screening protocols.

“Drugscreen.com’s new test detects compounds at lower levels than previous tests,” said James E. Hyman, CEO of SECON’s parent company Community Education Centers (CEC). “We are able to perform an extremely comprehensive screening test that is cost-effective and provides initial results within 24 hours. This new test helps counter one of the major reasons for the growth in popularity of Synthetic Marijuana: its previous difficulty of detection.”

Synthetic marijuana (also known as synthetic cannabinoids, and popularly known by many names including K2, Spice and Mojo) is a mixture of herbs that are sprayed with a synthetic cannabinoid compound. It can be difficult to detect, as simple molecular changes in the composition of the drug by the producer can make it undetectable by tests until laboratories have identified the new chemical formula and modified the test to detect the new compounds. The use of the drug has been widely reported in the news due to increased emergency room visits with individuals suffering symptoms of agitation, seizures, hypertension and others. Some evidence indicates that synthetic cannabinoids can produce chemically induced psychosis. Although the drug is referred to as “Synthetic Marijuana”, the behavioral and physical reactions to the drug are very different than those commonly attributed to Marijuana.

The Drugscreen.com test is conducted using donor urine specimens. It can detect some of the most popular known versions including XLR-11 and UR-144. Recent studies in SECON laboratories have revealed that the positive test rate increases dramatically with this new version of the test as these compounds are the predominant current ingredients being sold as K2.

Drugscreen.com (SECON) is a division of CEC that conducts comprehensive drug testing and screening services worldwide. Staff perform collections and on-site testing services for major oil companies, aviation clients, transportation and construction industries.

CEC is the nation’s leading provider of rehabilitative services for offenders in reentry and in-prison treatment facilities, as well as providing comprehensive management of county, state, and federal jail and detention facilities.

Source: PR Newswire