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DHMRI Establishes Immune Monitoring Laboratory for Biomarker Discovery and Development

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Last week, the David H. Murdock Research Institute (DHMRI) announced that it acquired the Immune Tolerance Institute, Inc. (ITI) as a next step in its continued growth. The DHMRI provides integrated, state-of-the-art genomic, cellular, proteomic and bioinformatics technology platforms as a major resource for a range of academic and industry partners undertaking both preclinical and clinical research.

In 2010, DHMRI and ITI established a research center designed to speed up discovery and development of treatments for people with a broad range of immune system-related conditions. The ITI acquisition enhances DHMRI’s capabilities to accelerate the discovery of novel immunomodulatory therapies and the corresponding biomarkers necessary for effective translation into medical practice.

DHMRI President Mike Luther said:

Advancing immune science will lead to new approaches to investigate the biological mechanisms of disease and functional properties of foods to better determine and predict the efficacy and safety of emerging products. Such efforts have the potential to benefit human health and disease management and reverse the recent trends that have led to higher costs of health care and slowed the pace of new treatment development. The acquisition of ITI will allow us to extend the DHMRI’s capabilities even further into the pre-clinical and clinical settings, and thus provide increasingly integrated solutions from discovery into development, ultimately improving the health of patients and consumers alike.

Source: David H. Murdock Research Institute