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Critical Diagnostics Unveils its “Power of 2” Brand Campaign

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Critical Diagnostics, a U.S.-based biomarker company focused on cardiovascular diseases, today announced it has launched its first U.S. branding campaign to showcase its cardiac biomarker, the Presage® ST2 Assay—which has been approved by the FDA for use as an aid in assessing the prognosis of patients diagnosed with chronic heart failure.

“We consider what we do partnering with healthcare professionals to offer patients hope for a better life,” notes David Geliebter, Chairman and CEO of Critical Diagnostics. “The ‘Power of 2,’ an obvious reference to the ‘2’ in ST2, denotes that valued relationship.”

Heart failure is a progressive disease in which the ability of the heart to provide needed cardiac output weakens, thus impeding the heart’s ability to pump enough blood to support the body’s metabolic demands. According to the American Heart Association, heart failure affects some 5.8 million Americans with 670,000 new diagnoses each year. The estimated direct and indirect cost of this condition in the US is $39.2 billion.

One of the ways that clinicians are improving the lives of heart failure patients, is through the use of cardiac biomarkers. ST2 has been shown to be prognostically meaningful in patients with chronic heart failure. With more accurate risk assessment physicians may make better treatment decisions resulting in improved patient outcomes and an overall reduction in healthcare expenditures.

Presage ST2 Assay levels are both independent and complimentary of the natriuretic peptide markers and not adversely affected by such confounding factors as age, gender, body mass index, atrial fibrillation, anemia and impaired renal function.

The branding campaign begins today, with a monthly ad that will run in Cardiovascular Business magazine, a leading news, business and technology magazine for cardiovascular medicine which reaches over 25,000 cardiovascular decision-makers. Copies of the first two ads can be found on this link: www.criticaldiagnostics.com/ad.

Source: Business Wire