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CIT and Stemina Biomarker Discovery Announce European Partnership for Toxicology Testing

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CIT Safety and Health Research Laboratories and Stemina Biomarker Discovery yesterday announced a strategic partnership for the distribution of Stemina’s devTOX assay in Europe. CIT will further work with Stemina to validate the test for use under the REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals) initiative. Starting in 2012, REACH will require manufacturers and importers to register and test all chemicals and compositions containing chemicals.

Stemina’s DevTox assay uses human embryonic stem cells to test pharmaceuticals, chemicals and formulations such as cosmetics for their potential to cause birth defects if a woman is exposed during pregnancy.

In blinded studies of chemicals whose effect on the developing human embryo are known, DevTOX is able to model human developmental toxicity with about 90% accuracy. In comparison, rodents are only about 60% predictive of the effect of a compound on human development.

Stemina and CIT will validate the devTOX assay for use under the REACH initiative at CIT’s facilities in Evreux France and develop additional innovative technologies for evaluating the safety of compounds for animal and human use.

Dr Roy Forster, CSO of CIT, said in a statement:

CIT is very excited about its strategic investment and partnership with Stemina especially because of its expertise in the important and cutting edge field of stem cells and metabolomics. The partnership offers an opportunity for unique approaches to assessing the safety of candidate drugs, chemicals and consumer products. Working with Stemina, we will assure that our clients have access to the most innovative technology for evaluating the toxicity and safety of compounds.

Source: WisBusiness