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Children’s Cancer Institute Selects Labmatrix to Enhance their Research into Curing Childhood Cancers

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BioFortis today announced that Children’s Cancer Institute has licensed Labmatrix®, the award-winning precision medicine and biobanking software platform, to support their “Zero Childhood Cancer” program. Labmatrix connects data collected in clinical studies to data discovered in research laboratories, creating a richly-annotated research platform including a full-featured biobanking capability. The connections between patient treatment, diagnostic testing results and drug development are vital for precision medicine. Labmatrix software includes its integrated query tool, Qiagram®, which allows researchers to analyze and refine their data, helping Children’s Cancer Institute to transform their discoveries into new treatments quickly and efficiently.

“We needed a very powerful data management system that would allow data from a variety of sources to be linked and stored,” said Professor Michelle Haber AM, Executive Director of Children’s Cancer Institute. “Labmatrix will align each patient’s details with genetic and biological analysis of their tumor samples, as well as the results of drug screening in laboratory flasks and biological models. As you can imagine, these combined tests will generate an enormous amount of data, but Labmatrix will allow researchers and clinicians to navigate that data very easily. They will be able to see everything they need to know about a patient, including research results and clinical data.

“Our Zero Childhood Cancer program is one of the most exciting childhood cancer research initiatives ever undertaken in Australia, and we need it to be supported by the very best software available. We believe we have chosen wisely, and would like to thank our funding partners, the Australian Cancer Research Foundation and The Kids Cancer Project, for supporting our partnership with BioFortis.”

Source: PR Newswire