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Case Western Bioinformatics Spinoff NeoProteomics Signs Licensing Deal

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Late last month, NeoProteomics, a bioinformatics spinoff company from Case Western Reserve University, signed an exclusive option agreement to license technology from the university.

NeoProteomics, founded in 2006 by Mark Chance, PhD, director of Case Center for Proteomics and Bioinformatics, focuses on biomarker identification and validation and seeks to spearhead the development of unique and improved analysis tools. Chance said that the exclusive option, established through Case Western Reserve’s Technology Transfer Office, will greatly help with tools and biomarkers that will permit the company to expand its portfolio in the growing field of personalized medicine.

NeoProteomics has developed a business model where its software business, which they call their ‘Innovation Engine,’ can feed directly into and drive its biomarker business.

Currently, NeoProteomics is distributing software already licensed from Case Western Reserve. The software, ProtMapMS, speeds structural biology research by automating mass spectrometry workflows. It has been licensed to major pharmaceutical companies and research universities.

Additional bioinformatics software solutions based on Case Western Reserve technologies and currently under development by NeoProteomics are intended to integrate high throughput genomics and proteomics data in clinical research.

Source: Case Western Reserve University