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Biomarker Commons Named World Companion Diagnostics Summit Media Partner

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Diagnostics used to select patients for treatment with a particular therapeutic or determine what and/or how treatment will be administered have been termed companion diagnostics. Companion diagnostics hold great promise for personalized medicine.

A companion diagnostic is a biomarker(s) used in a specific context that provides biological and/or clinical information that enables better decision making about the development and use of a potential therapeutic.

Companion diagnostics can provide identification of a patient population in which the therapeutic product will achieve greater (or little) effectiveness; identification of a patient population that should not receive a particular therapeutic product due to the possibility of therapy-related serious adverse events; identification of disease, condition or disorder characteristics to specifically determine the appropriate type of treatment; or the basis for selecting a safe and efficacious therapeutic dose.

The term companion diagnostic applies to several different scenarios — concurrent development of a diagnostic and therapeutic, development of a diagnostic test intended to optimize treatment with a therapeutic that has already been approved, or the treatment optimization of a newly developed therapeutic with a previously approved diagnostic test.

The advent of personalized medicine has had a significant impact on research and business practice. Today, if an oncology company is not committed to companion diagnostics, they’re going to struggle to get a drug to market. Other therapeutic areas are increasingly following suit.

Given the significance of companion diagnostics, I’m proud to announce Biomarker Commons’ first media partnership with the 4th World Companion Diagnostics Summit, presented by Hanson Wade.

The World Companion Diagnostics Summit has been designed by biomarker and companion diagnostics specialists at leading companies to assist attendees in turning biomarker research into successful patient stratification — it’s all about delivering better, safer drugs to market with drug-diagnostic co-development

Conference tracks include:

  • Strategies for successfully implementing companion diagnostics
  • Exploring companion diagnostics partnering strategies to achieve mutual benefit
  • Understanding the impact of regulation and legislation on companion diagnostics
  • Translating biomarkers from the laboratory to the clinic
  • Incorporating biomarker strategies and companion diagnostics into the clinic and achieving assay validation

Confirmed speakers include:

  • Dr. Donald Chalfin, Medical Director, Health Economics and Outcomes Research, Abbott
  • Dr. Yoshiya Oda, President, Biomarkers and Personalized Medicine, Eisai
  • Dr. Vijay Modur, Head of Diagnostic Discovery, Novartis
  • Dr. Troy Brennan, Chief Medical Officer, CVS Caremark
  • Rick Schatzberg, Co-Founder, President and CEO, Generation Health
  • Dr. Bryan Dechairo, Senior Director, Head of Extramural R&D, Medco
  • Dr. Robert Beckman, Executive Director, Clinical Development Oncology, Daiichi Sankyo
  • Dr. Anne-Marie Martin, Senior Director Clinical Development and Clinical Biomarkers, Oncology, GSK
  • Dr. Leonard Reyno, Chief Medical Officer, Oncology, Astellas Pharma
  • Dr. Mark Trusheim, Visiting Scientist and Executive-in-residence, MIT Sloan School of Management
  • Dr. Carol Pena, Associate Director, Oncology Biomarkers, Bayer
  • Dr. Ron Mazumder, Product Development Leader, Companion Diagnostics Centre of Excellence, Johnson & Johnson
  • Dr. Philippe Ancian, Head Molecular Immunology & Biomarkers, Transgene
  • Dr. Yihong Yao, Head of Pharmacogenomics and Bioinformatics, Translational Sciences, MedImmune
  • Cecilia Schott, Business development Director, Personalized Healthcare, AstraZeneca
  • Dr.Jorge Villacian, Senior Global Medical Director, Virco & Integrative Solutions Leader in Infectious Diseases, Janssen Pharmaceuticals
  • Dr.Jeffrey Fill, Director, Clinical Diagnostics Laboratory, Eli Lilly
  • Dr.Jianwei Xuan, Senior Director, Outcomes Research, Pfizer
  • Dr.Mitch Raponi, Director, Molecular Diagnostics, Clovis Oncology
  • Dr.Mike Makrigiorgos, Associate Professor of Radiation Oncology, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Harvard
  • Dr.Fabio Magrini, Senior Director, Inflammation and Autoimmunity, MedImmune

The 4th World Companion Diagnostics Summit will be held in Boston, Massachusetts, from November 28th to December 1st.

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